Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Let's Make Peace Profitable"

I want to start a conversation and an "Idea Data Bank" for ways to "Make Peace Profitable."

The underlying principle here is that wealth and safety, and the economy of these basic human needs, govern what happens to us as an entire species. There are champions in life and there are losers and many in between, the champions are those who have acquired dominant control of the planets resources. The 1% that owns 98% is rhetorically, commonly looked down upon by social "activists" as being greedy evil people with little regard for nature as a whole whether inside their profit loop or not. Well, that may or not be, but the fundamental truth of the matter must be faced if any progress is to be made, and that is: these people and groups and families that profit from war and reconstruction are not simply going to stop because some peacenik asks or demands them to! Though they might if that peacenik also handed them the keys to a different yet equal empire in trade.

The Real Deal, the real trick of the trade here is to realize and cyclically profitable... as the world of war that we now have.

There is a custom and ethos of strength, survival and ultimate warrior/soldier that is as part of us as the need to eat, sleep and procreate safely. Each of us has it to some degree and many in the advanced parts of the world have forgotten that this "eat or be eaten" really is the bottom line, beginning and end of what Humans, of necessity, are.

This is what the "peace movement" is really up against. You can name as many names, of people, rulers and corporations as you want, but until this basic function of humanity is addressed and apparently redressed, then there will always be war.

I realize that, as thus far stated, it sounds like a rather large, ominous and odious task to tackle. 'Jason and The Argonauts' rough 'ah riddle to tackle.  So here, I propose a starting point: The lumber industry.
There are ___lumber barons in the USA and ___ globally. Suppose "We The People" create and Give these lumber barons a new product to sell... Vietnam is known for it's "American Grass", a type of grass that grows there were no other plants will grow after the war there. Bamboo, on the other hand is a very hardy plant, grows like a weed, is stronger than wood and can be used to replaced many current wood based products. Perhaps an American company can help a Vietnamese company develop a bamboo farm large and structured enough to provide a product at a price that can replace much of the lumber now being cut for at least wood pulp and paper products.
So hows that as a starting point? There are, of course, a dozen minor devils in the details of any large scale sociological endeavor, yet this is the direction of thought and empirical dominion trade course of action I would like you to consider and enter into conversation upon if you, Dear Reader.
   Does that illustrate the direction of the conversation that I'm trying to start with this online dialog series, "Making Peace Profitable"? If human "greed" is being blamed for our current ecological and social dilemmas then perhaps thinking in a completely selfless manner might help us find the right avenue to pursue to fixing the ecology. Develop the technology, methods and businesses into viably profitable options to the current markets, and give them to the current rulers of the very industries in need of replacing to preserve or repair the earth's ecology to a healthy balance.
Let's try a view point that doesn't always see the ruling elite as evil demons, but as humans born into their roles and perhaps not so much 'evil' as they are straddled with providing for their families with the tools and opportunities they have at hand to work with. Someone had to inherit the gun factory, what else were they supposed to do, other than press on with a successful path? What really makes people think that someone else is just going to throw that away just because it might be "wrong", when "wrong" is a very relative concept? So I propose looking at the issues involved with achieving a peaceful, ecologically balanced planet from a realistic, scientific and zen koan kind of world view... what do you say?
Whose got the pizazz and global perspective co hones to dig in and throw down/in here on this concept? You know, if you don't like what the king is wearing, you don't necessarily have to make him go naked, you can also sew him a whole new suit!

Please type a response when you find this article, let me know if this idea makes any sense to you, if it sparks an idea in you. As far fetched as it sounds, is i suppose, it still has a clear path to is a concept that has a definable route to victory and sustainability because, let's face it, that really is what stands in the way of a balanced healthy interaction with our environment is ourselves and our fellow (wo)mankind. The nature of the beast is the map, now it's up to us to figure out where the map should lead us!...

............................respectfully yours,